Intergalactic cupcakes~*

Happy giggles

Anonymous asked:
Oh darling! I absolutely adore your blog. Your so pretty andhappy go lucky! keep it up! you can go far with that attitude! you are what a true raver is, and oh my... Whom might that adorable ginger kandy kid be? :o he seems so happy too oh my you kidds are just a whole nother thing! super humans i swear

heheh! awhhh thanks !! girl i assume?! :DDDDDoh and hehehe thattt kiddo! his name is Bouncy~ he is my boyfriend! isnt he just the hapiest most adorbale thingy everrr >^`^< he is my world and makes me soo happy! as he calls it! level 9000 kandiravers hehhehe <333 you shouldcome off anon btw u seem chillerzz~~ :33 <3


Went to a beautiful underground rave on an abandon indian reservation! ~ETERNAL~ so spiritual ^~^

Saw KopyKat for the first time in forever!!! Glad that kid is still raving :DDD

Anonymous asked:
What are those clips ravers wear on their hats for? Do they mean something?

They are visor clips!c= Like decorations for your visor ^~^ everyone has there own reasons for putting them on! :3 me personally, I like to collect them, and put them on at different events, and trade them with people, and add buttons from different places i visit for raves!=333 almost the same sentiment as kandi!!~~ >^-^<



commission 4 anemiaaaaa

Ohmygawd I love this